Profoto B10 Air TTL Off Camera Flash Head and Continuous Light

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Rp 28.355.000,-

Profoto B10 Air TTL Off Camera Flash Head and Continuous Light

About Flash

  • Max energy : 250 Ws
  • Energy Range : 10 f-stops (1.0-10)
  • Energy Stability : 0.2 f-stops
  • F-stop at 2m / 100 ISO : 22.7 with OCF Magnum reflector, 11.9 without reflector
  • TTL : Yes
  • HSS : Yes

Modeling Light

  • Max output (lumens) : 2500 lm
  • Lamp type : LED
  • Dimming range (%) : 100-10%
  • Color temp ( deg. K) : Adjustable 3000-6500K (+-500K)
  • Color rendering (CRI) : 90-96

Wireless Connectivity

  • Operating range : Sync and remote control 0.5-300 m (1.5-1000ft), HSS and TTL: 0.5-100 m (1.5-330 ft)
  • Supported Air functions : Flash sync, Remote control, TTL, High Speed Sync
  • Bluetooth : Yes




Profoto B10 AirTTL

Known for their growing line of full-featured flash systems, Profoto’s B10 TTL off-camera flash head combines the key characteristics of a monolight with those of auto-exposure camera flashes to provide a convenient and versatile lighting solution for a wide range of shooting situations. The 7-inch flash head features a 250W light with a 10-stop variable power range (equivalent to five speedlights) and fast recycle times of 0.05-2.2 seconds. It is capable of stopping action at 1/7000 of a second—and 1/50000 of a second while on Freeze Mode at minimum power. With its fast-charging, lithium-ion battery, it can produce up to 400 blasts in full power and offers up to 75 minutes of operation. Its through-the-lens (TTL) capability ensures quick and beginner-friendly operations as it works with the flash auto-exposure system on your DSLR to estimate the amount of light power needed for any given scene. It can be triggered wirelessly with a compatible Profoto Air TTL Remote or through the Profoto Smartphone App. This versatile lighting tool, which can be used handheld or mounted on a tripod or light stand, can also be used as a video light thanks to its high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 to 96, or as a dimmable modeling light with adjustable color temperatures.

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