K&F Nylon Large Capacity Multifuction SLR / DSLR Gadget Camera Backpack (KF13.068)

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Rp 1.370.000,-

K&F Nylon Large Capacity Multifuction SLR / DSLR Gadget Camera Backpack (KF13.068)

  • Style type: Modern/Casual
  • Dimension: 11.4″*8.5″*17.7″
  • Capacity: 1 Camera + Multiple Lenses
  • Material: 1200D Nylon; Lining: Grey 210; Divider: 1.0 PE board + EPE foam

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✮Camera bags are an important part of your equipment arsenal. Sometimes the right camera bag is a backpack.

✮Protecting the investment in your DSLR or video camera is vital.Doing it in style and comfort is essential.

✮Comfortable on the go, casual, and practical in travelling, hiking, photographing, and other outdoor activities.

✮They tend to be better at managing large systems, better at combining cameras with laptop computers, and better at weight management and load balancing.

✮Designed for SLR DSLR camera and its accessories, its fully padded insert not only separates DSLR from accessories but offers a shock-proof protection.


The Highlight Features:

✮Body-side access quick to your gear.

✮Multi-functional camera backpack with spacious main compartment.

✮Widened and thickened shoulder strap,reduce the sense of weight.

✮Waterproof  material, wear resistant, scratch resistant, tear resistant.

✮Adjustable chest belt keeps the straps tight on you shoulders.

✮Quality materials and logical organization ensure your camera is stored safely inside.

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