Godox FTR 16S (Receiver Only)

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Rp 225.000,-

  • Godox Wireless Control Receiver
  • 16 chanels and 433Mhz Working radio frequency
  • Compatible Triggers: FT-16S Flash Trigger, Cells II Transceiver(Cells Nikon and Canon Trigger selling in our store)



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Transmit power supply 3V(2*AA batteries)
Receiver power supply 5V(powered by flashes)
Transmit frequency 433MHz wireless remote system
Workable distance 50m/164ft(open areas)
Control on flashes Flash output power
Modeling light on/off
Buzzer on/off
Flash triggering
Max sync speed 1/250s
Channel 16


Wireless control 
– Setting flash power on/off, power level, modeling light on/off, buzzer on/off, and flash triggering


Remote power adjustment 
– Each flash group can be set to 16 different power levels


Flash grouping 
– Firing at most 16 group of flashes for creative photography


– Flexible combinations of one transmitter and multiple receivers


Special Receiver
– Compact and no batteries needed, powered by flashes, thus having stronger interference capability


LCD display & Metal Contact