Fotopro X-GO Carbon

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Rp 2.100.000,-

Fotopro X-GO Carbon

  • Material : Carbon Fiber
  • Section : 4
  • Min Height : 432mm
  • Max Height : 1575mm
  • Folded Collapsed : 430mm
  • Diameter : 25mm
  • Ball Depth : 30mm
  • Max Load : 8kg
  • Cerah



X-GO-OR tripod legs are made of high-quality Carbon Fiber Material. 180-Degree Reverse Folding : Only 12.79 inch (32.5 cm).(included a portable tripod carrying bag, shoulder strap)
This tripod adds a special function: 2-in-1 tripod, one of the leg can be changed into a lightweight monopod or alpenstock (Monopod pouch is included)
Detachable Center Column Height Reduction: The bottom part of the center column is detachable. The center column consists of 2 sections which is still reversible to achieve low angle shooting.
Ball head is compatible with almost all DSLR cameras and camcorders,Universal and fashionable quick release plate is specially designed for travel and outdoor photograph activities
Our professional tripods, monopods, and ball heads come with a 6-year warranty.the Alu-mag forged technology and the CNC precision cutting technology have been applied to this tripod