Commlite Comix Lens Mount Adapter NF Lens – E-Mount (CM-NF-NEX)

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Rp 690.000,-

Commlite Comix Lens Mount Adapter NF Lens – E-Mount (CM-NF-NEX)

  • Camera: Sony E-Mount camera and Camcorder (eg,: Sony NEX A7,A7R, NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-7, NEX-7N, NEX-C3, Sony Camcorder NEX-VG10, VG20, FS-100, FS-700)
  • Lens: Nikon lens in G, F, AI,S,D type
  • Material: High-precision Aluminum alloy

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Commlite lens mount adapter CM-NF-NEX, allow you for connection from Nikon Lens(Including most Nikon lens type as: G,F,AI,S,D mount) to Sony NEX camera or Camcorders. It utilizes high-precision Aluminum alloy material, and be able to reach infinity focus while maintaining the correct registration distance required to support CRC lenses or lenses with floating elements. Furthermore, the adapter is designed with built-in Clickless Aperture dial that comes with 16 exact stops and detachable 1/4 Tripod foot. Comparing with the normal manual adapter, it brings you more exact Aperture adjustment guide and using convenience. Making your image much more flexible and professional.

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