Ballhead Beike SYS90

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Ballhead Beike SYS90

  • Model: SYS90
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Ball Diameter: 45mm / 1.77″
  • Loading: 15kg / 33.06lb
  • Quick Release: Yes



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This ball heads can withstand heavy loads, lock solidly, and move smoothly. Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control. Using this tripod ball heads are also much easier to carry and pack than tripods with pan-tilt heads.

This Professional Tripod Ballhead is made from black anodized aluminum. There are three operation knobs on this ballhead. Loosen horizontal control knob, the mounted camera can be rotated 360 horizontally, also there are scale on the pan, suitable for panoramic shoots. Two knobs precisely control the ball adjustable angle, achieve no dead angle. 3/8″ screw thread base for tripod and 1/4″ screw thread for most camera. Also a built-in compass is on the clamp knob, very useful.