Aputure LED LS-1C V-Mount

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Rp 9.350.000,-

Aputure LED LS-1C V-Mount





30300lux@0.5m(1.64ft) Extremely Powerful

Light Storm LS 1s appears with about 30000lux in half a meter(1.64ft), which is almost equal to a traditional 1000W tungsten. In half a meter, while the aperture is 32.6, the shutter is 24f/s, and the ISO is 400, you can easily get the correct exposure.

Seamless Color Temperature Control

Light Storm LS 1c contains both 3200K and 5500K color temperature bulbs. More scenes need more versatile lighting. The color temperature adjustment can be controlled by DMX console, remote control, and wheel on the controller box.

Tough and Professional Aero-Aluminum

Light Storm 1 use aero-aluminum to achieve the best balance performance of heat, density, strength, workability, etc. So that the function parameters can get a perfect show. Delicate design and elaborate production combine for a robust but exquisite housing that can fulfill low forward heat of the fixture.

Breathtaking Design

From appearance to function, from material to craft, from small accessories to large complex production processes, the Light Storm 1 design reflects the combination of technology and humanity.

Exceptional Light Efficiency Experience

The Light storm 1 maintains industry-leading color reproduction, meticulously selected diffusing paper and increased barn door, achieving more variable light-effect control.

CRI 95+, which is a guarantee of LED

The Light Storm LS 1 is made of 1536 lamp beads, which are designed and manufactured carefully to have over 95 CRI value. The light it casts looks more natural and accurate.

Selective Diffusing Paper

Aputure engineers tested 53 models of diffusing papers over more than 2000 hours to select the most suitable ones for our product. The diffusing paper has a smooth surface and is non-ageing, acid-free and recyclable with low opacity so effective diffusion angles are covered far more than the previous filter. The transmittance of the diffusing paper is about 85percent and a 180-degree effective diffusion angle.

Full Use of Barn Door

The brown-type arrangement of the beads makes the barn door maximally cut back ladder shadow in the transition area. It also provides strong protection for the lamp beads while in storage.

Unique Light Control Separation Design

The Light Storm 1’s unique light control separation design paves the way for the light back panel dissipation. With such a low center of gravity design, it greatly reduces the lantern supporting system burden. For now, operations will not be limited to the light panel and are focused on the controller box. In addition, replacing the battery becomes more flexible than before.

Dual Power Solutions

Two methods can be used to power the LS 1. A SONY V export or Anton Bauer battery can be used for location shooting. The adapter is for your indoor shooting.

DMX Control

The brightness of the LS 1 can be controlled by a DMX console, which is under the standard DMX512 protocol.

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